What if Urban Meyer was a House?

In honor of the Buckeyes run for the National Championship, we thought it would be fun to take a look at What if Urban Meyer was a House?

Of Course It’s a Silly Question…

Every once in a while, we like to switch things up at Cbus Homes and create some purely fun videos intended for the sole purpose to just bring a smile to your face and show off the fact that real estate is always on our mind.

Whether it’s a video like What if Peyton Manning was a House? or even How Much Would the House from Full House Cost? we like to mix things up.

What Kind of House Would He Be?

Check out the video above to see our thoughts on the type of house Urban Meyer, head coach of The Ohio State University, would be if we could encapsulate his personality into the features of a home.

In my mind, Urban Meyer would be:

  • A Big House (because we all know Urban Meyer owns the Big House) *wink
  • A strong, brick home with scarlet brick and gray mortar
  • A home with a revolving door as the front door. The revolving door is necessary because the Buckeyes keep superstar football players rotating into the program and churns them out to the NFL.
  • There would be a Juice Bar inside the home to satisfy Coach Meyer’s love for “Juice.”
  • There would also be a theater inside so Urban can watch game film and all those spine-tingling hype videos the Ohio State Football program produces.
  • A home with no bedroom. Urban doesn’t sleep. He just thinks about football every second of the day.
  • And there would be two guest houses out back… one for Kirk Herbstreit, and another for Tim Tebow, one of Urban’s most famous former players.

What did we Miss?

Is there anything we missed? Anything you can think of that connects a feature of Urban’s personality to a feature found in a home? We’d love to hear from you.


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