If They Were A House: Peyton Manning Edition

What Type of House would Peyton Manning Be?

Peyton Manning has just announced he is retiring from the NFL after 18 years, playing with the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos. With Super Bowl 50 in our rearview mirrors, I started thinking of Peyton Manning, mixing in my career as a Realtor in Columbus, Ohio… I thought, “If Peyton Manning was a house and not an NFL Quarterback, what kind of house would he be?” Check out the video below for my answer, or skip the video and continue reading along…

First: Brainstorming Peyton Into A House

Peyton Manning is one of the all-time great NFL Quarterbacks. He’s arguably the best signal caller ever. He’s a winner, holding one of the highest regular season winning percentages as a starting Quarterback in the NFL, as well as now winning two Super Bowls with two different teams. He’s a household name, even for those who aren’t interested in sports. He’s probably the most famous athlete in professional football. And with all of that being the case, it’s only right we commemorate him by turning him into a house.

To determine the type of house Peyton Manning would be, we first need to brainstorm and list all of the things we know about him…

  • He’s old. Not super old, like falling-apart-old, but he’s getting up there. His body is starting to break down, and his career is likely finished.
  • He’s famous. Everyone knows him. Even my grandma.
  • He’s one of the best ever at what he does.
  • Holds many records.
  • He went to college at the University of Tennessee, so he’s a southern good ol’ boy.
  • He has changed the way the game is played because he did it so well. He’s a game-changer.
  • He’s a famous dancer. Well, not really, but he’s famous for being hilariously bad at dancing. Have you ever seen this clip:

Let’s Blend Peyton Manning Into A House

So, let’s throw all the things we know about Peyton into a blender: old, famous, great, game-changer, records, one of the best ever, everyone knows him, Tennessee, dancing…

Is he a traditional two-story because he’s a traditional type Quarterback?

Is he a mansion because he’s wealthy and famous?

Or maybe since he plays in Denver he’s a ski lodge?


In my opinion, if Peyton Manning was a house, he would be……..

Elvis Presley’s GRACELAND

Explanation: Peyton Manning is a world-famous game-changer at his profession like Elvis Presley was. Peyton holds many NFL records, and Elvis made many records. He’s a little bit older but still famous, just like the mansion, once being amazing but now a little (or a lot) dated. Throw in the Tennessee connection of Peyton’s college career and Graceland’s location in TN. Plus, don’t forget the dancing comparison, bringing Peyton and Elvis together in all these ways. He’s gotta be Graceland, right?! It almost seems like fate.

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