You’ve surely come across the impossible question of, “What came first? The chicken? Or the egg?” The answer is obvious… it’s the egg. I mean, how could there be a chicken without an egg, right? ……… Oh wait. (Cue *cranial explosion)

Well, on a less mind-melting level, when it comes to real estate, a similar question a home buyer often asks is, “Who do I call first? A Realtor? Or a mortgage lender?

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But if you’d prefer to read as opposed to watch, here’s my take: If you’re thinking of buying a home, and you have no idea who you’re going to use as a mortgage lender (and by the way, saying, “Eh, I’ll probably just talk to somebody at my bank,” is not an answer you should tell yourself – seriously, don’t) , then my suggestion would be to find a Realtor first. Already know a good Realtor you trust? Perfect! Talk to them, and they’ll get you in touch with a mortgage lender they have had success with in the past and trust themselves. Don’t know a lender or a Realtor? Find a Realtor by asking around. Ask friends. Ask family. Ask Facebook. Ask Twitter. Ask the guy in the produce department at Whole Foods. Just find a good referral for a Realtor that someone you trust has used and enjoyed working with. And then again, let that Realtor put you in touch with a lender they’ve used in the past and have had success with and trust.

So really, the only time I’d recommend calling a lender before a Realtor is if you already know a lender that you trust. Maybe you’ve worked with them in the past. Maybe they’re a friend? Maybe they’re your cousin. You know you can rely on them to take care of you. Then, you can call them.

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– Dan Hamilton

Dan Hamilton is a top-producing full-time Realtor in the Columbus and Central Ohio area, well-known for his focus on client care and his use of video and technology in his real estate services. Dan works for Keller Williams Capital Partners Realty | Cbus Homes.